Berry Protein Pancakes...

In my quest to become fitter i have found a friend in protein, i never really used to understand the importance of a balanced diet until i worked my butt of at the gym 15 hours a week and only lost a bit of weight.  They say that fitness is 30% Gym and 70% Diet and i wholeheartedly agree with that now.

I eat chicken or fish everyday but sometimes i just need a quick hit of protein to repair my muscles after a hard workout and i find that whey protein works for me.  Before i started using protein supplements i did a lot of research before settling with Whey protein.  Please and i can't stress this enough, protein shakes are great but nothing is better for the body than real food. food first always! 

I i am trying to get lean i'm having more protein than normal and i have been experimenting with protein powder.  The bones of this recipe i got from the Lean in 15 cookbook that if you follow me on social media you will have seen my meals.

Berry  Protein Pancakes! 

2 Scoops of Vanilla Whey Protein
2 Medium Eggs
2 Ripe Bananas 
100ml Milk 

Once blitzed to a smooth consistency fold in the berries.
Pour onto the hotplate or frying pan. 
Then serve! 

Date Night @BrownsBrasserie

Date Night in Newcastle...having never been to Newcastle on an evening i really wasn't too sure what to expect, yes i watch Geordie Shore and love it but that wasn't the night i wanted mid working week so i was a little apprehensive.  However the Hubby did good, he took me to Browns Brasserie and Restaurant! 
Picture was stole from their facebook page because it was dark when we went! 

Browns had that upmarket feel to it that you can adapt to an intimate meal or a group business meal in fact we had all the privacy and intimacy that we required and behind us sat a group of what looked like Uni students and in the far corner some girl friends catching up so really this place obviously meets most peoples needs.  

Their menu had me salivating whilst reading it but because i had never eaten there i played it safe and went for the burger.  Hubby went for pie...he is a Northern man after all! 

It was really nice but i had food envy, my poor hubby ended up sharing his food which he normally hates and every dish that was walked by had me wanting to try it.  

As dinner was so good desert was a must! 
I ordered the lemon tart whilst Hubby ordered the salted caramel profiteroles.

  Followed by cocktails!

It was a lovely Date Night and place i want to visit again and again! 

What i really want is to try their afternoon tea with my girls.  Crathorne Hall is currently winning my afternoon tea experience rating...could Browns knock it off! 

@TedBaker Fit To A T

If i had to pick my favorite everyday designers it would be Ted Baker and Kate Spade, both have a similar classic style that is full of colour and personality yet keeping that sophisticated feel.  

You can imagine my delight when i was browsing Ted Baker online and noticed a "Fit To A T" link.  yes giddy was an understatement!  I go to the gym 6 days a week and so gym clothes are a huge part of my wardrobe but there is nothing worse than everyone in the gym/class having the same or similar outfits.  I know this is because we are limited to JD Spots, Sports Direct, Nike, Adidas & Reebok but i just like to have something different. 

Ted Baker have brought their vibrant style to the sports line and they are all cute and adorable but what i want to know is what are they like.  I don't know about you but i have now got to the point where i do and bend, bounce, run & squat test in the changing room because i have bought so many outfits that are purely made for fashion wear and not activewear! 

Ted Bakers "Fit To A T" is not cheap by no means so if i am going to buy their activewear i want to know i can wear it for the purpose it will be bought. 

 This is the outfit i want the most! 

Accessories - I love these, i really wanted the bag but it's sold out :( 

 Gym Towel...if you spin you will need a towel! 

Crathorne Hall Re-launch!

If you recall tragedy struck Crathorne Hall last year and nearly burnt down the hotel.  Lucky for them the fire was caught in time and only damaged the east wing.  The hotel staff being as amazing as they are managed to keep the hotel running and made it so every guest experienced the true Crathorne Hall magic!

I was lucky enough to be invited to celebrate the re-launch and stay over in one of the new rooms.
 This is one of there boardrooms (Durham) but it made lovely venue for an intimate dinner. 

i don't know about you but the first thing i do in a hotel is check out the bathroom and i have to say i wasn't disappointed!  

I know i had to get fancied up for dinner but i really wanted to sit in one of those comfy chairs and read! 
Yep can't wait to sleep in this baby! 
I got rather excited when  i noticed this (USB)!
 We had a lovely view of the Gardens from our room,
Whilst the Hubby showered i indulged in a magazine whilst sampling the chocolates.  

not sure if you spotted DB in the other pictures but he was a gift from Laura. x

Okay so as i ate the first chocolate i thought i would be nice and save half for i took a bit from every chocolate and left him the other half! hehe
Whilst getting ready a lovely waiter came to our room with complementary bubbles! 
A tipsy selfie at the end of the night. x
DB hitching a ride home! 

Thank you Laura and the staff at Crathorne Hall Hotel for a wonderful evening

I wasn't really looking for a denim skirt but i came across a super cute one in Urban Outfitters last week and decided that it's a must purchase for AW15.  I know technically we are still in SS15 but as you can see the denim skirt is a must have all year! 
Here are some i love! 

My Last Couple of Months through Instagram!

 It seems i have lost my blogging mojo and i want it back!!!!

Whilst my mojo is on holiday i thought i would do an "Instagram post". 
1, I love this sun dress from New Look, it is super cute and perfect for a Summers day bbq. 2, Costa is a frequent image on my Instagram because sometimes life calls for good coffee. 3, YEAH my wonderful hubby bought me the matching phone case! 4, OOTD i adore this skirt because it is perfect! 5, Me and Lissa in her hot tub...well we have to test it before the party right! 6, My garden ready for the teens. 7, Ellissa turning 13! how did it happen so fast?!?! 8, My baby girl all ready for her party. 9, Party Time! 
10, How pretty are my new Nike's? i love anniversary present ever!!!!! 11, Enjoying a lovely pub lunch with my Hubby. 12, My adorable niece Edie. So cute.  13, Super amazing news from my Sister informing me she is having a girl! I'm so excited for them, a beautiful baby girl. 14, Party night make up. 15, Tesco bargains, bikini for £10 and book for the flight for £3. 16, I seem to have developed a love for spinning! 17, a few friends went to Go Ape and it was amazing, if you haven't been before i would wholeheartedly recommend it. 18, Messing on at the beach!

Adidas Rita Ora #Comic @adidas @ritaora

Since i started going to the gym my workout wardrobe is increasing by the day and why not, okay you go there to get sweaty and smelly but there is nothing stopping you from looking awesome whilst you do it! 

I'm normally a Nike girl but the Rita Ora for Adidas collection is AWESOME!  It's no surprise i freaking adore superheroes and all things comics (super geek i know) and this collection is right up my street. 

Out of the whole collection i love these legging and tee! 
Check out the collection here