Chanel #SS15 #PFW

Karl Lagerfeld created "Boulevard Chanel" parisian street catwalk.  The Models came out chatting and talking like anyother day before they hit the run way, Karl Lagerfeld is a fashion master mind and his runway ideas keep getting better.  As the show came to a close Lagerfeld  staged a mock demonstration complete with banners that read “Tweed is better than tweet”, “Be your own stylist”, “Make fashion not war”, “Free freedom”, and “Ladies first”, with Cara and Gisele on quilted Chanel megaphones screaming, "What do we want! When do we want it?' 

 What do you think? I really couldn't imagine what more could be done to the classic Chanel tweed suit but he pulled it out of the bag with this oversized jackets and long trouser.

Bloggers are going to love this! 

Kate Spade!

A little Kate Spade Bio: Kate Spade & Joel Franklin launched the handbag company in New York, SoHo in 1993, rolling with their success they decided to include stationery, shoes, beauty products & eyewear, later adding a fashion line.  Kate Spade NY is going from strength to strength and is now worldwide.    Not bad for a company that is only 11 years old!   It’s not really hard to figure out why Kate Spade is such a great success, with its vibrant colours, funky/quirky style mixed with classic designs.  Kate Spade is the perfect designer for me.  As a working mother I need my clothes to be practical but stylish & fun, that’s what Kate Spade gives me.   I get to dress age appropriate but still have fun. 
My first trip to Kate Spade was back in 2011 when the wonderful Marissa took me to the San Marcos outlet.  Seriously I was like a kid in a sweet shop, clapping and touching everything.  I think I might have scared Marissa a little with all my crazy.  The outlet had something like 40% off and a further 20% at the checkout.  I ended up buying a dress that was once $450 for £155 and a handbag from $599 down to just over £100 with the discount and exchange rate. Freaking awesome!!!!  Needless to say if there were a Kate Spade NY in the North East area I would never have any money but a boat load of pretty things. 
 This summer whilst on holiday in the USA we decided to take a trip to San Marcos outlet for a bit of shopping.  As my children are 18 & 12 they loved the outlet, what’s not to love Ralph Lauren, Tommy Hilfiger, Michael Kors, Coach & many, many more.  We spent a small fortune that day but nothing like what it would have cost us to buy it all in England.  Jack got a pair of Tommy Hilfiger jeans for $40 (£24.00), Ellissa bought a pair of Coach sandals for $26.00 (£16.00) Total madness.   Sorry a little of course there… Whilst at the outlet we had to pay a visit to Kate Spade and again they had a crazy discount deal on so my wonderful Hubby bought me my super cute new handbag for my Birthday.  ($379.00 we paid £111.90).It’s a pale dusty pink which is my favorite colour, I love it!

Happy Friday!

Last night I took my Daughter and her friends to see The Vamps,  having suffered through One Direction (Sorry, I just really don’t get them, they can’t even play an instrument!) I wasn't really expecting much from The Vamps, we saw them at North East live but you couldn't really hear them sing for all the screaming fans.  Newcastle City Hall proved the perfect venue for a concert, it is small enough that there isn't a bad seat; you could see the boys clearly from any point.  I was lucky enough to get Ellissa and her friend’s third row, center which meant I didn't have to hold her up so she could see. Perfect!
Merchandise bought, girls in their seats…time for the bar.   Not that I don’t normally support the opening act I just really needed a drink at this point!
With the venue being so small we were able to stand in the aisles and dance which is what we did, two Mum’s (mum dancing) to the Vamps, I really thought Ellissa would have made me stop but she was singing and dancing along with us.
Another plus was that these boys can really sing.  They can all play an instrument, write songs and sing.  It’s a good job I liked them as we will be seeing them again in May 2015!

Overall The Vamps were fabulous, best concert I have ever been to! 

My Instagram Life

Since coming back from holiday it's been a steady stream of busy weekends and even busier weekdays.  
As you can see from picture 1, i started my return to the UK with very good intentions of blogging three times a week...i am trying to stick to that but life is crazy. 2, We went to see Saturday Night Takeaway with Ant & Dec, it was fabulous! 3, This was my screen saver for a while to guilt me into going back to the gym, 4, I finally give Loui a break and changed my bag over to Kate!. 5, These fabulous Topshop  shoes are my Birthday present from my Sister. (Thank you)  6, I was a nice wife and bought my Hubby the Kim K, GQ Magazine. 7, My new vibrant MAC lippy, i love it, it's perfect for the dark winter fashion. 8, Costa lunch with a friend, i have never laughed so hard, she's a hoot. 9 My pretty new River Island flats. Told you it's all about the flats this AW.
1, This Michael Kors bag in top of my Christmas wish list, it's stunning. 2, how adorable is this little piggy cake? 3, Moschino SS15 catwalk show was amazing, "Come on Barbie, lets go party". 4, Ellissa & I selfie in Nandos. 5 My brunch on Sunday, Yummy spicy eggs. 6, This was our pad whilst we were in Nottingham last weekend watching the Hubby in the National Dragon Boat Finals. 7, Keeping organised with my blogging notes. 8, Ops! Costa is in here twice! 9, Tonight we are going to see The Vamps in concert and Ellissa wrote Tristan a letter.  She loves him! 

It's all about the shoes...

It's finally Autumn! 

We have had a lovely long Summer but it's finally over with the temperatures dropping and the leaves changing Autumn is upon us and i for one are excited about change is fashion.  Autumn is my favourite time of the year, I'm not to sure if it's because Christmas in on it's way or it's the dark cosy nights, whatever it is makes happy. 

Autumn fashion is superb, i love the colours, layers and coats, don't get me started on coats.  The hut for the perfect coat is an Autumn tradition for me, i start by spending numerous hours on-line, then hit the shops to try them on, only to then take me sweet time deciding.  More times than i can count i have wasted so much time deciding that they sell out and i have to start the process all over again.  I feel a good Winter coat shouldn't be rushed. :) 

Anyway today's post is about AW shoes, boots.  I'm loving flats at the moment, i spend my weekdays in heels and i like to give my feet a break on the weekend and wear flats, when i say flats i mean Converse, this is because all the flat's in the shops over the last couple of years have been ballet pumps, which are nice but a little to school like for me.  I am excited about the loafers, slipper style and pointed toe flats that have hit the shelves this AW, finally a flat i can get excited about!. 
Below are some of my favourites, how amazing are the Jimmy Choo red pumps?!?!
Like i said i wear heels for work and over the Summer months i have been wearing, pink, nude, mint, spotty and black court style heels, these colours are perfect for lighter colours but with the season changing so are my shoe colour choice and i get very tired of wearing black all the time.  
Here are my top AW pick's for court heels. 
We all need a fabulous pair of boots for AW, not just the super cute open heel/toe boots that are storming the shops at the moment.  Yes these are fabulous but really if my toes are cold i can't function. I need fully covered, can wear woolly socks with boots.  

These are my favourites, i adore the Mulberry boots, if i could afford them, i would have them in both colours. 

Dior Addict Extreme 756 Fireworks

I have always loved Dior make up and have used it for years, it was my trusted brand that i knew what i get so i have never really veered away from it until you lovely Beauty Bloggers showed me there is more to make up than Dior.  So over the last year i have been cheating on Dior with MAC, Benefit & YSl.  However for my Birthday my wonderful Hubby bought me a new Dior lipstick and I’m back on Dior train.  If you have never used Dior cosmetics i would highly recommend them, yes they are a little pricy but 100% worth it.  I apply my make up around 07:45 in the morning and don’t touch it throughout the day.  In fact when i finish work and go to the gym i wipe my makeup off because it’s a little too much for the gym, the colours stay vibrant, and the foundation is light to apply and enhances my pale complexion with natural glow without the shine. Perfect!  

 Over the years i have become more adventurous with my lipstick colours, once over a lip balm would have been all i needed but now i feel naked without a splash of colour to my lips (i wonder if it’s an age thing?).  This colour is a vibrant red/orange (on me), i like the colour as it’s not too dark and is great for work. 

 I always feel i babble a little when trying to review a product so i will also incorporate their own words as i feel i don’t do the product justice.  I would give this product a 10/10 because it’s perfect for me.  Let me know what you think about Dior cosmetics and also if you have any trusted brands.
 Dior’s Bumf!

Dior Addict Extreme Lipstick. Radiant Colour, Hold and Shine. Dior Addict fashion lipstick goes to the Extrême, with radiant colours, a perfect hold wet-look texture, and audacious, sophisticated Dior styles. At the heart of this new soft, sensual texture lie 4 specialist waxes, acting in a targeted manner to correctly combine these extremes in a single formula. This veritable technical feat achieves perfect hold, comfort, and shine in an astonishingly fine film. Dior Addict Extrême is available in 12 shades of pure radiant pigment, from nudes to the boldest shades, exploring all the facets of Dior elegance. A new style means a new dress code: the Dior Addict case plays on transparent, vibrant black - black as in perfection, mystery and timelessness.


I really don’t know if it’s a girl thing but I love stationery. From a young age I was obsessed with all things stationery, I used to have one of those post office windows with stamps and stickers, it was one of the best toys I remember.  I also remember begging my Mum for animal stationery for my birthday, when other girls wanted Barbie’s I wanted stationery.   I always thought I would grow out of it but no, I’m 32 and I still LOVE stationery, note books, cute little accessories etc.  I really can’t get enough!   My stationery obsession is Kate Spade because everything they make is just stylishly adorable.  Here is my current wish list that will no doubt turn in to my Christmas wish list.

What your obsession? 

New York, New York

New York…what can I say, it was AMAZING, like seriously crazy good.  We started out our adventure in Times Square.  Thinking back I never expected it to be as busy, yes it looks busy on TV but seriously don’t wear expensive shoes because your feet get trampled to death.  There is so much awe and wonder around you that you can’t help stopping every two minutes to look up or take a picture, I'm sure I was peeing people off but what the hell I was in New York I wasn't going to miss a second of it. There was always something going on, naked cowboys singing in the street, superheroes on every corner, a random tennis tournament.  Seriously New York is the city that never sleeps.

 Riding the Subway Is pretty much the same as the Underground apart from the random people who start dancing and singing or selling cereal?!?!  

We did all the tourist stuff like, Lady Liberty tour, Grand Central, Central Park, the Empire State Building, Moma, 911 Memorial, The Museum of Natural History, watched the Yankees & took in a show.  I took over a thousand pictures that I am sure you don’t want to see but I have added just a few below.

 This was the view from our room, the ball looks much bigger on TV!

Ellissa and i both got excited because we had saw this on Glee!


We flew to Texas for a week then returned to New York for two nights before flight home.
On our second leg in New York we stayed at the Waldorf Astoria which is a truly amazing hotel, it is stunning inside, pure elegance.  We spent our last two days shopping on Park Avenue and Lexington. 
I love Bloomingdales, I visited my first store a couple of years back in San Francisco and fell in love,  who doesn't love the “little” “Medium” Large” Brown Bag’s?
I would recommend New York to anyone, it really has something for everyone!